Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Beverages!

It's time for a new segment called Thursday Beverages!, because by the time Thursday arrives you're ready for the week to be done. Well, maybe that's just how I feel today, and since no other day begins with "B" to make it into a catchy phrase like "Movie Monday" or "Fashion Friday", I had to pick a day; thus, Beverage Thursday is born. On a related note, stay tuned for Movie Monday and Fashion Friday!
So, why beverages? Well, my husband always remarks to me that I love to have a beverage in my hand or by my side at all times, whether it be alcoholic or not. Also, apparently whenever someone remarks on drinks, drinking, sipping, pairing, tasting, or comfort I seem to always remark, "I looove beverages". So it seems appropriate that I devote a day to my subliminal love. Alcoholic or not, but today I start alcoholic, which I will admittedly say, will be most cases.
I present to you my favorite beer of all time: Chimay Triple from Belgium.
Chimay Triple, half drunk before I even thought about taking a photo.

First, let me tell you that all three Chimay beers are beyond amazing. Second, monks have brewed Chimay since 1862! It should be noted that a monk is a person that devotes their lives to serving others. Thank you monks!
I’m a firm believer that things shouldn’t be rushed. Chimay is a prime example of perfection through dedication with their latest beer, Chimay Triple.
Chimay Triple was introduced in 1966. It is a beautiful gold color and smells sweet. For future posts, it should be said that I love hops. The hoppier the better is usually my motto. This beer however balances hops and sweetness so delicately that I wish every beer tastes like this. Best enjoyed chilled.
If we ever get the chance to go to Europe you bet your ass Belgium is going to be on our list.


I never thought in a billion years that I would like gold jewelry. Maybe I always associated it with adults, but I have to say, I've taken a liking to it lately (maybe, I've grown up).
Matter of fact, I often mix gold with silver and white gold. There's something timeless and almost rustic about these pieces...