Friday, December 7, 2012

Ugly 90s Floral Dress made Fashionable

Picked up this gem at a thrift store for two dollars. Add a cardigan, belt, accessories, heels or boots and call it good.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Spirit

The Christmas tree is up! Eric and I decorated our fake tree tonight with many laughs and smiles. It was fun to go through all the ornaments I've saved through the years and apply them to our very own tree... in our very own house! What a great feeling. Some ornaments date back to when I was only five years old! Some people would say pack rat. I however, say brilliant!
We also enjoyed a favorite holiday drink (and family recipe), Brandy Alexanders. The first time I made these for Eric was before we were dating. His direct quote was, "you've combined my two favorite things in the world: ice cream and brandy!" I like to think it was at that moment he knew he had to marry me!
I really do love this time of year. I just want to say that it can become really easy to get caught up on how overwhelming the season can get, but if you just sit back and look around, it's also really easy to get back to what is truly important. For me, it's decorating sugar cookies with my mom, sitting around the table with family, and watching a plethora of Christmas movies. Most notably, It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story.
I also recall waiting for my Dad to come from work on Christmas Eve sometimes. He was a UPS delivery person and in December he worked tirelessly, so I always remember him coming home snow covered and hungry (Ha). It can be humbling to reflect on these times as an adult.
These are things that need to be remembered and not taken for granted.